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LIVE!art discovers new ways to connect artist and art lovers in a unique way

Posted at 9:36 AM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 14:55:55-05

Art lovers are getting more than just a masterpiece when they go to a LIVE!art event, they are getting an experience.

LIVE!art puts artists at the forefront by showing how their hands work to create a masterpiece.

"I just want to create art for everyone," Vincent Hernandez, an artist said.

Amanda Murphy who is the founder of LIVE!art came up with the idea when she was painting puppies on Facebook live.

"It's meant to really get the general public invested in the artwork that we do," Murphy said.

Building a bridge between the artist and art lovers at their events.

"Almost like it's been something missing from the art community for a while now," Murphy said.

Also connecting artists of different mediums to each other.

"I really wanted it to be somewhere where the artists felt safe and where they can kind of grow and rely on each other for support," Murphy said.

She's created an environment that Vincent Hernandez says feels more than safe.

"I am still in school and everyone is a little bit older than I am but they're still take me in like I am part of their family," Hernandez said.

A bond that everyone who loves art can appreciate.

If you want to catch the artists in action, their next event is on February 5, 2021. They will be at Village Cafe in Downtown Bryan for First Friday and will be there every First Friday from then on.