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Lingering effects of cold temperatures are showing through potholes

Posted at 7:22 PM, Feb 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-23 20:55:21-05

BRAZOS VALLEY, TX — As we move forward in an attempt to put last week's events behind us, we are now haunted by the possibility of growing potholes. Here is how the effects of the arctic freeze temperatures are still lingering while the sun shines.

Following last week's extreme cold weather that caused sleet to cover roadways, it eventually melted, leaving puddles of melted ice.

"If water does work into our roadways, it would contribute to forming failures which cause potholes,” said Bob Colwell, the public information.

This is a usual concern after significant weather as we witnessed last week.

“Potholing is something that we see a lot after winter weather or any type of wet weather," said Colwell. "It’s something that we’re always looking out for and we will continue to monitor this,”

Residents feel the possibility of growing potholes can pose a huge threat to the public's safety.

”I do think it’s sort of danger especially here," said Cielo Perez, a resident of College Station. "Everyone drives a bit crazy, especially like younger people, they tend to be more reckless and a lot more wrecks happen,”

In addition to the dangers of a pothole, it can also cause damages to your vehicle, and depending on the depth of the crack it can cost a couple of hundred dollars to repair.

”Yeah, it can damage the wheel, the tire, the suspension, and knock the car out of line," said Pete Kountakis, owner of Petes Auto Care. "Yeah, it is important to avoid potholes as much as you can,”

TXDOT reports our highways have maintained in good condition so far, but they will continue monitoring the area, as, over time, things can change, along with the change in temperature.

“People drive our roadways all the time and we can’t be everywhere at once," said Colwell. "We want them to be our eyes and ears out on the roadway, so if people see something we ask them to say something,”

If you would like to report issues with your roadways, potholes in residential areas are patched by both Bryan and College Station local city public works department, and you may inform them of your concerns.