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KRHD 25 News Team helps feed the need at Brazos Valley Food Bank!

Posted at 6:07 PM, Aug 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-04 19:17:32-04

BRAZOS COUNTY, TEXAS — The Brazos Valley Food Bank held their 28th annual Feast of Caring Event today at the Brazos Center. KRHD's news team was in attendance, feeding and conversing with residents of the BCS community while coming together to raise money for the hungry.

"It's a sign that things are coming back and coming back strong I think everybody is really glad to be able to do something for others and also get together as a community and see each other again after a long absence." shared David Riddle, regional Vice President of Chartwells Catering.

"The community makes this event the community helps us run the food bank so I always get a lot of feels from this event people are coming they're socializing they are donating they're having a simple meal that's kind of a reminder of a feast for some in our community." shared Theresa Mangapora, executive director of the Brazos Valley Food Bank.

"This is an event that we always look forward to each and every year 28th year of doing this and it's excellent and an awesome community event helps the food back and as i link to think of it as a win-win." shared Ben White, College station resident.

"It's turned into a kind of a friend-raiser and an educational opportunity it reminds people that the food banks have need and that we're here in the summer because most people think of the food bank during the holidays and not so much in the summertime," Mangapora added.

"I think it speaks to the character of the community here in the Brazos Valley I think its always been strong and a community of caring and right now we need it more now than ever after a tough year for a lot of people so it's great to see everybody come out and I'm just really proud of the city and proud of everybody who volunteered and donated." Riddle also added.

Those still wishing to donate can do so by texting f-o-c-2021 to 31313, the Brazos Valley Food Bank will welcome anyone interested in wanting to volunteer!