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Kemp Carver Elementary sends students off to spring break.. with a special little treat!

Posted at 6:50 PM, Mar 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-12 19:50:50-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, TX — Last year students left for spring break, not knowing, it would be their last for the school year due to COVID-19.

This time around, Bryan ISD teachers sent students home... with a little something extra, and no, we're not talking about homework either!

Cereal boxes, all laid out like dominos, was the scene over at Kemp Carver Elementary in Bryan.

Giving students a visual, of how much the community supports them and their teachers.

"To have them, tangibly, give us something to say to our kids and our teachers, 'We see you and we see the need, and we want to meet the need, is really special,'" Jacklyn Nacianceno, instructional coach, ELA team said.

This collection is the result of a few social media posts, asking the community to help the school collect boxes for their 550 students just about two weeks before their spring break vacation.

"In about three days, we had about 500 boxes. And in one week, we had over 1000 boxes," Catie Bushman, counselor, Kemp Carver Elementary said.

Their goal was to send each student home for the break with one box.

"Next week when they are not in school, they won't get their normal breakfast and lunch, and so, this cereal will provide that extra meal that they might not have," Bushman said.

Thanks to the generous donations this year, these students get to leave with not one... but two boxes!

"To see a school take the time to love on the children and show them, that even what we're going through, it's not our final destination, our final situation, it's just so great, to even have that experience, of doing the domino effect," Marcus Turner, behavioral specialist at Kemp Carver Elementary said.

The overwhelming amount of donations spilled past the school walls. Nearly 10 schools in the district will also send all their students home with a box.

The students, gaining much more than a special little treat.

"Our kids get to see the community serve as a community, which means they too will learn how to serve," Nacianceno said.

The boxes of cereal also came with some family-friendly learning games for everyone to enjoy while Kemp Carver Elementary students are on spring break.