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Jim Stewart has one message for Brazos County, "Be patient, you will get your vaccine"

Jim Stewart
Posted at 6:12 PM, Jan 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-27 19:12:23-05

COLLEGE STATION, TX — As KRHD previously reported, Jim Stewart, is currently in charge of leading Brazos County's COVID-19 vaccination efforts.

On Jan 26., during a Brazos County commission meeting, Stewart had one simple message for all local residents, "Be patient, you will get your vaccine."

A retired Army Colonel, Stewart went on to share, "My mission, I'm back in the Army here, is to vaccinate 200,000 people, the first piece, is 65,000 of us older citizens, who are 65 or older, and part of group 1-B"

Stewart shared, he understands the frustration felt by the resident of Brazos County, and wants to remind people that, " we can only vaccinate, to the extent that we have the vaccines available."

From there, Stewart urged Brazos County to push their local politicians, stating this could be a way to get more vaccines available to them as they are, " not coming into the State of Texas like we wanted them"

From there, Stewart address the recent trend of people driving to Bear County, who want the vaccine, " now".

"There's no way we can get 65,000 people, through the Brazos Center, in one week, two weeks, it's just going to take time", the former Army Colonel shared.

Stewart then reflected on the blunt reality of COVID-19, stating, " Just because you got the vaccine, doesn't mean your life goes back to the way it was, Jan 2020."

Following this, Stewart began to urge all people to keep following the safety measures of physical distancing, mask coverings, and maintaining hygienic efforts.

Finally, addressing rumors that St. Joe Health patients were receiving, " special treatment", in regards to their vaccine allotment, Stewart stated the following:

"Out of the 30,000 people who have registered through their portal, 29,000 are group 1-B people that are eligible to get the vaccination, and 18,000 of them, are actually not St. Joseph patients, they're people who don't go there for their medical care." he stated.

On Jan 28., Stewart shared they plan to have a trial run where they plan to vaccinate 300 people. In his closing, Stewart encouraged local Brazos health commissioners to come, and have their presence known.

"I think the more our leadership can show it's safe, and they're doing it, and by gosh, you need to get it done too, I think the better off we are." Stewart noted.