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How to pick out the perfect watermelon, according to experts

Watermelon (Texas A&M AgriLife)
Posted at 12:11 PM, Jun 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-28 13:17:37-04

COLLEGE STATION, TX — It's happened to all of us before.

You go to the store, try your very best... and the watermelon you bring home tastes like iceberg lettuce.

Well, thankfully, experts at Texas A&M's AgriLife have got you covered for next time, as the following three tips will teach you how to pick the very best watermelon.

Tip #1) Look for a large, yellow field spot

A field spot on a melon shows where it was laying on the ground while attached to the vine. If the watermelon is ripe, the field spot should be large, yellow, and on one side.

Furthermore, the color of the spot should be creamy and almost butter-like yellow. The bigger the field spot and the creamier its color, both indicate that the melon spent more time ripening on the vine.

However, if this spot is smaller or looks more white than yellow, then the melon may not be as ripe.

Tip #2) Tap the underbelly and listen for a deep sound

For this tip, experts advise lightly knocking on the outside of the melon with your knuckles.

A riper melon will have a deeper sound, as opposed to an over-ripe one that will have a more hollow or flat sound. A duller, more hollow sound can also mean the flesh is starting to go soft and spoiling.

Tip #3) Look for the heavy, dull 'non-photogenic' melons

Ironically enough, those Instagram-ready melons with their shinier appearance can actually be an indicator that their insides are under-ripe.

Experts say the best watermelons will be dull in appearance and be heavier than the rest. On average, watermelon is 92% water, which makes them juicy. A heavier melon will likely hold more water, which in turn, will make it juicier.

As watermelon season is during the summer, don't miss out on this classic hydrating snack!