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How self-defense classes can help with safety during a rise of sexual assault reports

Self-defense classes can provide a wealth of confidence to protect yourself from dangerous situations.
Posted at 4:53 PM, Nov 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-17 17:53:12-05

BRYAN, TX — Reports of sexual assault on Texas A&M campus, or code maroon, have become a frequent alert. Students say it’s happening left and right.

How can these young adults get proactive to ensure their safety?

”The best personal safety or self-defense tool out there is situational awareness,” said Kristi Hosea, master officer in the Crime Prevention Unit.

Self-defense classes help train you for unexpected situations and allows you to have the confidence you need to ensure your safety.

”It’s really important for any individual to take self-defense classes, one for their own peace of mind and to give them that self confidence that they can take care of themselves that they don’t have to rely on somebody else,” said Hosea.

One of the top tips along with self-awareness Kristi Hosea mentioned is being prepared with your keys in hand when heading to your car in a parking lot.

”How do you hold the key? You hold them like you would hold a knife. In past, people have said put the keys...web them through your fingers...it doesn’t work,” said Hosea.

With the rise in sexual assault cases on campus one student who has had the privilege to experience a self-defense class says she has the confidence to protect herself.

”I think the confidence knowing that I could get someone off of me because I am really tiny and petite and I am a female, so I think I could get someone off of me long enough for me to like get away,” said Maci Hubbard, a freshman at Texas A&M.

Other ways students ensure their safety is communication, being self-aware but also giving someone a call or sharing your location with friends.

”Call a friend, actually that’s the number one thing I do. I’ll call somebody or text them if I’m alone so it’s like hey, here I am, what's up, and then you can chat with somebody you know a new friend somebody you haven't seen in a little bit," said Eloise Urban, a junior at Texas A&M.

There are a variety of techniques or, as officer Hosea call’s them, your tools in your tool belt that you can utilize.

”Learn from a variety but don’t try to remember it all, only remember what works for you and hold that in your tool belt,” said Hosea.

Unfortunately, due to COVID, the Texas A&M police department is not holding classes. There are a variety of businesses within the Brazos Valley that can provide you with the techniques that can work for you.