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How a family is using lemonade day to get a service dog

Posted at 2:22 PM, Apr 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-05 15:24:39-04

BRAZOS COUNTY, TX — Jolie Boyd got her seizure alert dog, Belle, about a month ago.

In just that short time, it's already changed her life for the better.

"Belle has gone to appointments with us, and Jolie's told her nurses at school that she was brave because Belle was with her," Jennifer Boyd, Jolie's mom shared with KRHD 25 News.

The six-year-old has a speech delay and was diagnosed with epilepsy at 15 months old. For years, her seizures were under control, but early last year... that all changed.

"We weren't able to take our eyes off her. We have cameras in every room. We would have to follow her around outside to play. I couldn't even cook in the kitchen without knowing where she was," Boyd said.

The Boyds participated in the 2019 Lemonade Day BCS with their lemonade stand- Cups for a Cause B/CS - Raising Awareness for Children with Disabilities. That year they used the money to help buy a therapy service dog for one of Jolie's classmates who has autism.

Jennifer's intent was to teach her daughter how to give back and raise awareness.

For Lemonade Day 2020, the Boyd's did not want to use the money for themselves but knew they needed to when Jolie's seizures became uncontrollable.

When the family did decide to use the funds to get Belle, the community taught her something.

"They cared about the family. They cared about Jolie. It's not about the lemonade. It's about the kids," Boyd said.

Not only did the family raise enough money to afford the service dog, but they were also able to cover some medical bills.

"When you see your child go through what we've had to watch our child go through. And you see the acceptance you see other people that people give her, just from you raising awareness it, pulls at your heartstrings. It gives you hope," Boyd said.

With Lemonade Day BCS 2021 coming up, the Boyds hope to use any money raised from this year's program to give back to the Rivers Edge Dog Academy, which is where they got Belle, or help another family get a service dog.