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Hispanic Community reacts to Councilman Dennis Maloney's derogatory remarks

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Posted at 6:57 PM, Oct 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-21 20:30:48-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — City Councilmen Dennis Maloney found himself in hot water after making remarks against the Hispanic community.

Many in the Hispanic community feel what College Station Councilman Dennis Maloney said is hurtful and discriminatory.

Dorothy Hernandez says following her many years living in Brazos County, she and her husband are upset and would like to understand what Maloney intended to say with his response.

”I was kind of a little confused also, I mean I understand the tax rate and all but as long as he’s been in office and speaking for this community and this is a very diversified community. I was kind of appalled,” said Dorothy Hernandez, a College Station Resident.

Other community members feel belittled.

”The statement struck me as implying that the Spanish language is less than,” shared Dan De Leon, senior pastor friends congregation church

Days after Maloney's remark he is now apologizing for what he said.

He says it's unfortunate 'others have misconstrued' his statements and it caused hurt feelings. Which some say falls short with the Hispanic community in the Brazos Valley.

Which some appreciate but feel within his apology there’s another issue that now comes to light.

”But I do think that if anything positive that has come from this is that many of us have internalized racism and I can speak to that from own family lineage,” added De Leon.

With elections just around the corner, Hernandez hopes to see some change moving forward.

“More representation more representation for the whole community for the diversified community that we are,” said Councilman Dennis Maloney.

Three city council candidates including Maloney are on the ballot on election day this November.