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Health experts explain why you shouldn't worry when getting the second dose of your COVID-19 vaccine

Posted at 4:41 PM, May 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-05 10:56:12-04

BRAZOS COUNTY, TX — Today is the last day to get your first dose of the -19 vaccine from the Brazos County Vaccination Hub.

As the hub transitions to only administering the second dose, we are seeing a national trend of people skipping out on it.

When the COVID-19 vaccine first rolled out, you'd see lines of cars, full of people eager to get vaccinated here at the Brazos Center.

The highest percentage he's seen of no-shows is nearly 15%.

The first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine provides some protection, but the Brazos County Health district says, the second shot, seals the deal.

"Getting both is very important. While the first may provide a little bit of immunity for a little while, it's not enough to get us through the pandemic and back to normal," Mary Parrish, administrative emergency preparedness, Brazos County Health District said.

So, any belief that one dose is enough is just a myth.

It's not the only reason people are dodging the second dose though. Some fear the potential of side effects after.

"The side effects are very severe with the second dose. That is a trend we have seen. but it is far better to go through those side effects for just a day or two than to go through COVID for several weeks," Parrish said.

"It's not debilitating. It's just, it's a bit more stressful than the first dose was. Maybe they run a slight fever or, they have chills or they are kind of out of commission for 24 hours, but it's a very rapid recovery," Chief Jim Stewart, COVID-19 Vaccination Task Force Leader in Brazos County said.

Chief Stewart adds no one has been hospitalized from the second vaccine in the county.

Finding the time may create some conflict for people needing the next dose, but Chief Stewart believes, the county has done everything to make sure people who want to get vaccinated have access.

"There is as much vaccine in the county amongst the pharmacies and the medical clinics as what I was getting, so there are plenty of options for people to get doses out there. Although I am still seeing reluctance on people's part," Stewart said.

The Brazos County Health District is also rolling out a mobile outreach team this summer to increase accessibility.

"We want our immunization team to be able to get out into the community and to be able to vaccine people at their convenience," Stewart said.

This team will be out on nights, and weekends meeting people where they are to make it as easy as possible.

Chief Stewart says about five thousand people are scheduled this week for the second dose. It drops to about 38 hundred next week, then to less than one thousand the following weeks.