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HB898 heads to Gov. Abbott's desk with help from local firefighter

Posted at 8:04 PM, May 17, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-22 18:18:07-04

AUSTIN, Texas — Colton Adams remembers June of 2022 one way.

“We’ve already been through the hell and came back from it,” Adams said.

The Centerville Firefighter was responding to an accident on I-45 when an 18-wheeler failed to slow down and move over.

He jumped out of the way quick enough to save his own life, but too slow to save his leg.

“We’ve already paid the price and made the sacrifices this job takes."

Over the past few months, he traveled the nearly two and a half hours from Centerville to Austin to show his supportfor HB 898.

It’s the bill that, if signed into law, will increase fines and penalties for those that don’t slow over and move down.

“We stood at the podium to try to protect our brothers and sisters who are brave enough to sign up for the same job we did.”

After passing through legislature, the bill is heading to Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk for his signature.

Adams says this is a push in the right direction, but it doesn’t change his story and more needs to be done.

“We’ve needed a law with teeth in it for years — and this is the start,” Adams said.

Adams says with stricter penalties more people may be inclined to join local fire departments — an industry that’s already struggling to staff.