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Guns are flying off shelves leaving shop owners with limited options

The need for firearms is rising across the nation since March.
Posted at 11:05 AM, Nov 06, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-06 12:05:47-05

BRYAN, TX — Many states began to see the increase in sales around march—Texas alone requested over two hundred thousand firearm background checks during the start of the coronavirus.

”In early March we started to see a little bit of an uptick and then it was either the second or third week in March, kind of the quick way I’ve been saying it to folks is the entire industry got bought," said Levi Garrett, Co-owner to Bliss gun shop.

Local Bryan shop owner says this need then picked up again in mid-summer during social unrest. Many Americans are in panic mode as fear of the unknown kicks in.

”I feel like a lot of Americans are really scared right now about what's going to happen and you know there have been a lot of home invasions and business invasions and I think at this point a lot of Americans are feeling like they need to take their safety into their own hands,” said Julia Koppelman resident of the Brazos Valley.

More Americans see the need to take their own safety into their own hands leading to hand-guns for self-defense as the most sought out for.

”Most folks are coming out looking for home defense or something to conceal carry so that they can get that, that’s been the vast majority of it,” said Garrett.

In Texas you must be 21 years of age to apply for an LTC—unfortunately residents like Julia are not of age yet but once she is she is very interested in getting her own.

”Especially as a female I feel like, since all of the violence and stuff that going on right now, I would hope to never have to fire the gun, but I am interested in getting like a handgun and my license to carry,” said Koppelman.

According to the firearm industry trade association, 25% of female gun owners say their main reason for owning a gun is for self-protection.

”As folks begin to take that much more seriously and consider being responsible for their own safety were getting a lot more requests for license to carry were getting a lot of request for medical classes so we can start helping people at least build that basic proficiency in how to use that lifesaving equipment,” said Garrett.

With that ownership comes with much responsibility and educating yourself not only on how to use it but basic medical skills are also important.