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Girl Scouts find unique ways to sell cookies

Posted at 5:59 PM, Jan 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-24 16:24:58-05

BRAZOS VALLEY, Texas — The pandemic has created obstacles for so many, including Girl Scouts.

But these young girls have persevered to continue doing what they love and serving their community.

That time of the year has officially rolled back around, if you guessed girl scout cookie season, that's right. The scouts are back and setting up shop on your neighborhood corner, but that isn’t the only option you’ll have to snatch one of those famous boxes this year.

For Kathryn Mendoza, this responsibility began as far back as kindergarten. Going through years of different rankings. she knows the in's and out's of selling.

“You know honestly, my booth isn’t fancy, but in the end, it’s a table, some cookies, and a smile,” said Kathryn Mendoza, a Girl Scout of Central Texas.

Many things have changed due to the pandemic. Including the way Girl Scouts now sell cookies each year.

”Through the pandemic our cookie sales we can now do sales virtually, online, and touchless," said Emly Dawson, the area three volunteer support specialist.

"They’ve become really creative,”

Problem-solving is just one of many skills these young girls gain along the way.

”There’s five major skills," shared Mendoza. "There’s people skills, goals setting, decision making, business ethics,”

Mendoza now ranked a Cadette plans to utilize these skills for her future career.

”Girl Scouts will help me with my job in the future," added Mendoza. "I’d like to be a fighter pilot in the air force, but if I get my gold award, which is the highest award that a Girl Scout can get it’ll rank me up in the air force,”

With her goals set high as the sky, she feels empowered by the seniors and ambassadors she can look up to.

Girl Scouts come together to encourage one another to accomplish anything they set their sights on.

“Girl Scouts has expanded their program so much from anything dealing with astronomy robotics, all the way to STEM and zip-lining," said Dawson.

"There’s so many different adventures, whatever the girls want to do Girl Scouts is here to help them do that,”

Ann youth interested can sign up year-round at your local Girl Scout troop near you.