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Galentine's celebrations making strong comeback, empowering women

Posted at 7:40 PM, Feb 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-12 20:40:10-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — Researchers have found that people looking up Galentine's Day has increased by 400 percent. So how is this benefiting businesses and mental health?

Galentine's celebrations are growing in popularity to remind us, our gal pals are always there.

Scrolling through social media you may stumble upon this newest trend.

”The trend has been growing even on TikTok," said Grace Ryu, founder and CEO of Ready Set Picnic.

"I've seen all these girls throwing like all these fun parties together and making drinks together and things like that,”

This inspired Rye to expand this trend into her business.

”We had zero Galentines last year but this year with us expanding and being able to accommodate larger parties we have definitely gotten lots of fun Galentines,” said Ryu.

She also hosted a picnic event in partnership with Kendra Scott that incorporated other local small female-owned businesses in celebration of Galentine's Day.

“It’s especially more special to see all these hard-working women together and we’re able to just support each other and be a huger community of different partnerships, collaborations, and so it’s been very encouraging to see,” said Ryu.

Surrounding yourself with a support group can also impact your mental health.

”In further research holidays in general sometimes can really be a downside to some people who are experiencing you know kind of forms of isolation for some who don’t have a support system right next to them,” said Lauren Chapman, clinical psychology graduate from Texas A&M.

According to the national council for mental health well being, social isolation and loneliness can increase risks for physical and mental health issues.

“Once you get with a community that you trust," said Chapman.

"Once you’re able to talk about your day to day, talk about your experiences that really does help with overall anxiety, with feelings of depression,”

According to an article by national today hallmark, 66 percent of women were purchasing non-romantic gifts in February.