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Facebook group working with local non-profit to provide beds for children

Posted at 1:26 PM, Sep 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-24 14:26:11-04

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — Roughly 3% of children in the United States are without beds and nearly two million sleep on the floor.

Some of those kids live right here in our community.

A local non-profit along with a women's Facebook page are working together to make sure kids have access to a comfortable night's rest.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace's mission is to make sure no kid sleeps on the floor in our town and they're doing it by making one bed at a time.

"It's surprising how many kids grow up all the way through high school without ever having a bed," Joel Hammond, co-president, Sleep in Heavenly Peace Bryan/ College Station Chapter said.

A good night's rest has a major impact on a kid's quality of life from behavior to self-esteem.

When he saw the need, Hammond decided to help launch the local chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

"We just thought that that was a problem we could solve and apparently people like helping to solve that problem," Hammond said.

Not only is there help from volunteers building the brand new beds, Wendy Flynn, founder of Bryan College Station Women Connect Facebook page is collecting sheets with fun designs to match.

"It shouldn't surprise me but it always blows me away that people are so generous and caring. This is a way people can easily make a donation or a contribution in a very meaningful way."

Flynn made a post to her Facebook page, Bryan College Station Women Connect and quickly received positive responses from members.

"Any set of sheets, even one single set of sheets is going to be wonderful for the kid who receives that set of sheets. And that, it's got to warm your heart," Flynn said.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace's local chapter has had a couple of build days since July, completing dozens of beds.

"It's fun to see a completed project like that," Hammond said.

The next event will be held on Saturday.

During Saturday's build, the chapter plans to make 16 beds in three hours.