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Early voting begins off the heels of campaign backlash

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Posted at 9:24 PM, Feb 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-16 22:24:48-05

BRYAN, Texas — People are heading to the polls just off the heels of one race facing campaign backlash.

Throughout a campaign, your name and likeness are at the forefront. Incumbent House Rep. of District 14 John Raney believes his opponent John Harvey Slocum has a different message.

”His campaign seems to be running around what his daddy has done and his ties with A&M rather than what he can do for this community,” said John Raney, Incumbent state representative Texas House District 14.

Slocum explains he is proud to stand on the platform his father has built.

”I want those people to know they’re absolutely right," said John Harvey Slocum, candidate for state representative Texas House District 14. "I have a last name that I am very, very proud of, I have a last name that means positive things in this community."

Slocum hopes to continue building on the success of his family's name, but Raney doesn't see the correlation to the work that needs to be done as a house representative.

“Frankly, I don’t know that it is a qualification," added Raney. "The qualifications have to do with what have you accomplished in your life what you have done in elected office and how are you going to continue to do."

While Raney believes ties to A&M do not qualify someone to hold the seat, he hopes to continue his efforts in supporting A&M along with the community.

“I will continue to do the same sort of things I've done in the past," shared Raney. "I will work hard to support Texas A&M, but I will also work hard to support Bryan, College Station, and Brazos County."

Although Slocum does not come from a political background, he believes that is just what the position needs.

“I will have a focused agenda that starts with Brazos County and Texas A&M," added Slocum. "I will make sure that our first responders and our schoolteachers and our school systems are taken care of,”

Early voting is taking place at selected locations like arena hall and the Brazos County election office until February 25.