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Driver warns others to stay off the roads after slick conditions forced his truck off the road

Posted at 9:17 PM, Jan 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-11 00:11:08-05

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS — In the Brazos Valley, one man experienced first hand the dangers of driving during unpredictable and dangerous weather.

"I don't know... we just lost traction and couldn't control it," said Alex Ali, a passenger involved in a car crash Sunday.

This Central Texas and Brazos Valley storm won't be remembered as a good snow day for these College Station buddies.

"For a second it was just scary. Lost total control and then the pole was there. Thankfully, it wasn't fast," said Bernardo Gonzalez, the driver of a truck that slid off the road.

The snow and slick road conditions forced Gonzalez to lose control of his truck. He says the wintry mix put him in a scary situation.

"I was definitely very scared at the beginning, but I calmed down. The police got here and then it was fine," Gonzalez added.

Ali says it happened in an instant.

"Well we were just driving down the road and we just lost control. I think we were switching lanes... I don't know what happened. It just lost traction... slid off and hit the pole," he said.

The truck struck a light pole near a busy intersection on University Drive. Everyone involved knows it could've been so much worse.

This scenario was one that played out across the area Sunday for so many drivers.

"After we hit the pole, it fell down and it was blocking University Drive, and luckily some of the people behind us... they came out and helped us move it off the road along with police, so we were able to get it out," Ali said.

Authorities recommend simply staying off the road unless it's absolutely necessary Sunday and Monday. This College Station man now understands the danger the white powder brings.

"I would say try and avoid, if you can, driving in these conditions the most you can unless it's urgent," Gonzalez added.