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Dr. E. King Gill's memorabilia presented to the Cushing Memorial Library and archives

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Posted at 5:19 PM, Oct 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-16 18:19:04-04

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — Texas A&M's class of 1980 celebrated their 40th plus 1-year reunion.

The gathering was jammed pack with recognition and remembrance of one of A&M's greatest legends.

In Aggieland, the stories of Dr. E king gill have been told for years.

For generations that follow, his legacy is an inspiration.

“E. King gill, was my dad's best friend,” said Dough Vorphal, class of 1980. “He was pretty humble about it he didn’t brag about it certainly he was proud of it, but he was a humble man."

Many Aggies knew Dr. Gill as a legend.

However, Doug Vorphal knew him for the man he truly was, selfless.

Their close relationship more like a family.

”I knew him more or less as a grandfather really. We bird hunted together, I was his bird boy, we fished,” added Vorphal.

Now Vorphal is left with memories and photos from Dr. Gill's lifetime.

To preserve the legacy, Vorphal is sharing his precious artifacts with the Texas A&M Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, hoping to spread some inspiration.

As a third-generation Aggie, the legend of the 12th Man were bedtime stories for Lauren Breazeale, the first recipient of the selfless service award.

”Going to A&M and actually getting to experience that in person and being able to get involved in the community and you know find my own path here,” shared Breazeale, class of 2020.

Although the reunion was held back a year due to COVID, the second selfless service award recipient is thankful to finally meet the class that made it all possible.

”It’s great to be here and be together again and for me, this is coming out of COVID a little. It feels nice to see people again and we both received our awards during the pandemic we didn’t get to meet everyone who was really behind giving us these awards,” said Alex Ramos, class of 2021.

Selfless service, loyalty, and respect are just a few of the six core values for Texas A&M University.

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