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DQ Blizzards serve as sweet fundraising tool for children's hospitals

College Station Dairy Queen participates in Miracle Treat Day
Posted at 6:03 PM, Jul 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-28 19:03:28-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Thursday was national Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen restaurants across the nation, including participating locations in the Brazos Valley. Each year during this fundraising day, Dairy Queen makes a $1 donation to local children’s hospitals for every blizzard purchased.

At the DQ located on Texas Avenue in College Station, the staff and customers are doing their part to raise money for hospitals such as McLane Children's Hospital.

Customer Randy Haymon, an area lineman, purchased a blizzard on his lunch break, specifically so he could make that donation.

“It’s always about giving back," he told KRHD. "I was kind of poor as a kid, so any extra money in my pocket, I will help somebody."

DQ employee Diana Toliver helped organize goodies for a raffle and activities for kids who arrive during the lunch and dinner rushes. She feels this all is for an important cause, supporting those places which save children's lives.

"I mean, I’m a mother," she said. "And you know, kids are kids. They’re innocent, and it’s unfathomable being sick. With them being in the hospital, it’s enough stress for the parents."

The employees saw that these small gestures really can have an impact.

“Every year we normally have a golf tournament and get to meet the families the money helps go to," said Isaac Quiroga, the restaurant's manager. "To me knowing about their stories and what they have gone through - it did change their lives. And you wonder, what if it was me?”