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Dedication Ceremony being held for Gulf War Statue

Posted at 1:23 PM, Feb 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-26 17:30:38-05

BRAZOS COUNTY — Land commemorating sacrifice. patriotism. freedom.

"To see a life size bronze statue from that war," Lacey Lively, PIO of the Brazos Valley Veterans Board said.

More than a dozen statues are spread across the Veteran Memorial Park in College Station to remember the soldiers who fought through the different stages of American History for this country.

"I'm really appreciative of what they've done for their veterans in Texas. I think they've set the bar pretty high," Eugene Olson, a resident of College Station said.

One more statue will be added to remember American soldiers in Iraq during the 1990s- It's known as the Gulf War. A time many people today experienced through the news or a loved one who served.

"It's not like you read it in a history book, you lived it," Lively said.

A dedication ceremony will be held to reveal the new piece on Sunday. It's the 30th anniversary of when Operation Desert Storm ended in Iraq.

"To be able to come out and honor our veterans. You know it's awesome to honor our older war but that's something that a lot of younger generations probably grew up with," Lively said.

A soldier and tanker will stand at this designated spot. It was created by Navasota Native, J. Payne Lara. He's been the hands behind most of the statues that stand in the park to honor the great sacrifices made for freedom.

The dedication ceremony will be held at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday at Veteran Memorial Park. Attendees should enter the park through the University Drive entrance.