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Concerns follow first Texas A&M home football game of the season

Posted at 6:43 PM, Sep 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-06 19:43:09-04

BRAZOS COUNTY — It was a full stadium this weekend, as nearly 100,000 people attended Texas A&M's first home football game of the season.

As much as people were glad to be back in the stands enjoying the game, an attendance like that still brings up health concerns.

Katherine Montalvo was one of tens of thousands who attended the first home game where Texas A&M took on Kent State.

"It actually was really packed. We were kind of standing like shoulder to shoulder," Montalvo said.

She wasn't the only one concerned about how packed Kyle Field was.

"I was kind of nervous just because everyone was so close, and it was very compact," Jodi Blount, a junior at Texas A&M.

Both Blount and Montalvo thought about COVID when they were at the game.

"I definitely was. It was definitely in the back of my head," Blount said.

"A bit actually. Once I was actually there, sitting in the stadium, I thought there would be more distancing but there wasn't," Montalvo said.

Massive events like this have been called super spreader events as the country still tries to mitigate the number of COVID cases.

Even though these two students did have concerns, Grad student, David Coyle doesn't carry the same worry.

"You just try to enjoy it like it is and I mean there were a lot of people in there but I'm not too worried about it, but I am vaccinated too so," Coyle said.

All three students said being vaccinated made them feel more comfortable attending the game.

Montalvo even took a COVID test just in case as she considers attending the next home game.

"I am going to see how I am with my test results and then if I am positive maybe not," Montalvo said.

The next home game is September 18, against the University of New Mexico.