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College Station's most popular baby names for 2020: Noah & Olivia

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Posted at 4:28 PM, Jan 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-28 17:31:19-05

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Last year, College Station families welcomed over 1,600 new babies!

But what did they decide to name them all...?

Well, while the local registrar lists a few standalone names such as, "Juniper Autumn", and "Queen Deity"; the most common names, followed a more common trend.

*envelope please*

For the second year, Olivia, is the most popular girls' first name here in Aggieland! For boys', the name, Noah, beat out some pretty stiff competition to take this years top spot.

However, for any now distressed parents out there right now. Breathe! As Olivia and Noah, while popular in CS, only had the name registered 11 and 9 times respectively.

Below are the final first name rankings:

Most popular boys' first names

  • Noah (9)
  • James, Jackson, Samuel (8)
  • Benjamin, Elijah, Ezra, Oliver (7)

*Last year’s list: Aiden, Liam and Grayson

Most popular girls' first names

  • Olivia (11)
  • Emma (10)
  • Ava, Riley, Sofia (9)

*Last year’s list: Olivia, Emma and Harper

And then we reach middle names, where, let's just say 2020 was a very, very... busy year?

Below are the final middle name rankings:

Most popular girl middle names

  • 2020: Grace, Rose & Marie (tied), Ann
  • 2019: Grace, Rose, Marie
  • 2018: Rose, Grace, Marie
  • 2017: Grace, Rose, Marie
  • 2016: Grace, Marie, Rose
  • 2015: Grace, Marie, Ann
  • 2014: Grace, Marie, Nicole

Most popular boy middle names

  • 2020: James, Lee, Michael
  • 2019: James, Lee, Michael
  • 2018: James, Lee, Alexander
  • 2017: James, Alexander, Wayne
  • 2016: James, Michael, Alexander
  • 2015: James, Michael, Lee
  • 2014: James, Wayne, Alexander

So here's to you Olivia Grace Rose Marie, and you too, Noah James Lee Michael! Welcome to Aggieland!