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College Station water use remains high as drought conditions worsen

Posted at 11:44 PM, Jul 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-09 00:44:22-04

COLLEGE STATION — Our monitors are tracking extreme hot conditions as we head into the weekend – meanwhile, for weeks there has been little to no rainfall.

We look into how this is impacting water levels.

The demand for water use in College Station is running at 22 to 23 million gallons a day.

Jennifer Nation with College Station Water Resource said the highest day the city experienced was in 2013 at 26 million gallons.

”College station is groundwater base. We’ve got plenty of water in the ground for now and for generations to come but it’s a question of how fast can we get it to our customers and then again that capacity issue,” said Nation.

While most cities in the Brazos valley area utilize underground well systems, Nations is encouraging residents to conserve water as best they can.

”We’re all sharing it so just shared resource that is vital to economic development and quality of life here so it’s important to use water wisely,” said Nation.

Reaching high-capacity levels will require ratepayers to continuously meet those needs even if supply is not completely being used.

Nations said residents maybe irrigating too frequently. She explains there are unique ways to test your soil or grass. Walking through your lawn can give you a clear sign if your footprints are left behind.

This means you need to water, but if you try sticking a screwdriver into your soil and you do so without struggle no more water is needed for a few days.