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City of College Station prepares community for upcoming Texas Floods

Posted at 9:38 PM, May 26, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-26 22:38:37-04

BRYAN, Texas — It's the leading cause of weather-related deaths in Texas, flash flooding. Oftentimes, one decision makes all the difference between life and death for drivers when encountering flooded roads.

Hurricane season is approaching. It's a time Tradd Mills, the emergency management coordinator with the City of College Station Fire Department, says we should ask ourselves a few questions.

“Do you know whether or not if you live in a flood environment,” said Tradd Mills, the emergency management coordinator with the City of College Station Fire Department. “Do you know whether or not if your neighborhood is prone to flooding, and if so, have you taken the necessary steps to reach out to planning and development and other departments within your city?”

Mills says we are in the peak of heavy weather season.

“We see the potential of thunderstorms and severe weather coming into our area,” said Mills. “It’s always on the forefront of emergency management but it should be on the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. Right now, we are in the peak of our heavy weather season.”

Mills says if you drive up to a flooded road…

“Turn around, don’t drown,” said Mills. “If you do come up on flooded roads, for goodness sake, turn around. Do not drive through these areas. Please do not drive around these barricades. Please don’t drive into flooded roads.”

David Vaughn with the city of college station is alerting us to turn around.

“Most fatalities that occur because of flood events they occur from people being trapped in their cars,” said David Vaughn, Community Rating System Coordinator, City of College Station.

Vaughn says just a foot of water can sweep away cars.

“If you’re on foot, it only takes six inches of fast-moving water to sweep an adult off their feet,” said Vaughn.

Mills adds it’s important to watch the weather in your area.

“Just because your area is not immediately affected by the heavy rainfall, an area uphill from you possibly is and all of that water is going to come down towards you,” said Mills.

If where you live is at risk, you can contact Planning and Development Services to see if you’re in a flood zone.

“We can give you a flood map and that will show you where the closest flood hazard is in relation to your property,” said Vaughn.

Mills says to pay attention to the weather in your area.

“Pay attention to the weather,” said Mills. “Don’t disregard severe weather coming into your area and just be very aware. Listen to the warnings.”

Vaughn also encourages you to purchase flood insurance before it’s too late.

“For most flood insurance policies, they don’t take effect for 30 days so it’s really important not to wait until the last minute,” said Vaughn. “If you wait until there’s a storm happening, it’s already too late to purchase flood insurance.”

Vaughn has more tips on how you can stay prepared for the upcoming floods. Here’s where he outlined how you can protect yourself and your property: As part of Texas Flood Awareness Week, here are 6 prudent steps to protect you and your property – City of College Station (cstx.gov).