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City of College Station asking residents to reduce water usage

Posted at 1:56 PM, Feb 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-17 14:56:09-05

COLLEGE STATION, TX — On Feb 17, The City of College Station Water Services requested that all customers cut back on non-essential water use due to high water demand.

Citing the slightly warming conditions, officials stated that pipes are thawing, and are also what's likely leading to the current leaks, driving up the water demand.

Additionally, customers previously flowing faucets outside to prevent freezing, are now advised to reduce this to a slow drip. However, only if absolutely necessary. Officials are advising locals to check their sprinkler systems, especially above-ground backflow preventers, alongside swimming pool equipment, for leaks.

What to do if you identify a leak?
As written on the city's official website, the following advice is being offered to locals:

"If a leak is identified, locate and turn off the main water source to the house. It is usually located between the house and water meter, sometimes in the same box as the meter or a nearby box. It may be in the garage or house (the valve between the street and the meter is the angle stop and is only meant to be operated by the water utility). Turn the customer shutoff all the way to the right and call a plumber. Water leaks can also be reported to Utility Dispatch at 855-528-4278. Choose option 2 to report a problem. We appreciate our customers' patience and diligence in finding and fixing leaks. Those efforts make a difference."