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City of Bryan's water supply 'critically low', asking residents to conserve water

Posted at 10:41 AM, Feb 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-17 11:46:35-05

BRYAN, TX — The City of Bryan is asking all residents, and businesses, to immediately begin conserving water, as the city's current supply is critically low. Placing public services, like firefighting, in danger of not being operable.

“We’re low on pressure, and we need folks who have had their faucets open to turn them off and to use as little water as possible,” said Director of Public Works Jayson Barfknecht. “This will allow us to catch back up.”

Additionally, anyone with a water leak is also being asked to turn their water off to conserve the water supply. With the current temperatures above freezing, there should be little danger of the plumbing freezing during the day.

According to Barfknecht, the city is pumping all of its available water. However, the lack of water pressure is likely due to a large number of water leaks on private properties. Additionally, city crews are checking meters, as well as the water distribution system, for leaks as quickly as the weather and road conditions will allow them.

Once enough water pressure is restored, the city will alert the public that it is again safe to begin dripping faucets and using water.