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Cinematic comeback: Moviegoers return as COVID cases dip

Posted at 7:04 PM, Mar 06, 2022

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — While the film industry nearly witnessed its last days due to the pandemic, big box office films are back and so are moviegoers.

Movie theaters are booming with fans excited and feeling safe to dive deep into the cinematic experience.

For moviegoers like Alicia Hermosillo, going to the movies on a weekly basis has become a tradition.

”Growing up, I always came every Sunday with my family," said Hermosillo, moviegoer.

"So as I got older, it’s still like a tradition I like to carry alone, or with my partner, or with my friends,”

During the pandemic, she was eager for big box office films to return to the big screen.

Now, as COVID cases decline, she's excited to get back to one of her hobbies.

“When I first started coming, like we were still in the pandemic, but coming in and I just had a lot of anxiety coming in, but now that we’re seated separately and things have slowed down, I'm able to enjoy it better,” she said.

Ensuring moviegoers feel safe in their return is Cinemark’s number one priority.

“Every single auditorium within every single one of our theaters has its own HVAC unit," said Caitlin Piper, public relations senior manager for Cinemark.

"We do have that fresh air constantly flowing in that’s able to cycle multiple times throughout a film,”

But of course, they are not immune to other obstacles that have come along the way.

“And that includes the supply chain issues that are currently happening around the world," said Piper. "I am happy to say that Cinemark offers our full line of concessions across the country,”

Hermosillo encourages other fans to catch their box office favorites too.

“I would say definitely do it," said Hermosillo.

"It’s a place to spend time, enjoy friends and family and there’s just a bunch of really good movies out right now,”

According to recent DSHS numbers, Brazos County COVID cases have dropped tremendously low, reaching nearly single digits this past month.