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Census data shows homeschool enrollment boom since the pandemic

Posted at 5:46 PM, May 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-12 20:45:43-04

BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION, Texas — A survey conducted by the Census Bureau Household Pulse says homeschooling rates increased by 5.6 percent from pre-pandemic to fall of 2020.

While the pandemic felt like it closed some doors, for others it opened them to the endless possibilities of education.

Viewing the world of remote learning was an eye-opener for many families. For Kimberly Ramsey, it was that and much more.

”For us was I think just the atmosphere he was in; we noticed just him just not really being himself,” said Kimberly Ramsey, a new homeschool mom.

Others may be provoked by medical reasons or learning differences.

”So those are still the same reasons, and then I think the reason for the rise is not so much that there are more reasons, but it seems more possible,” shared Suzanne Gose, Community Homeschool Center owner.

Families like the Ramseys see the accessibility in this option.

”It was a relief honestly that there are other options, and he can still have a ton of opportunities,” said Ramsey.

According to Suzanne Gose, other local centers stated new homeschooling families have already begun signing up for the incoming school year prior to this year-end.

“At the Community Homeschool Center, we have new people every year. There are always new homeschoolers for various reasons. This year the interesting thing is a third of our new people were brand new to homeschooling,” said Gose.

Ramsey looks forward to helping cater to her son's various passions through his academic journey.

“What’s so neat is the kids can focus on more things that they’re really interested in, and you can just see when they’re interested in something...they can kind of have a little more freedom,” said Ramsey.

During the data collection of the survey conducted, the state of Texas went from a 4.5 percent homeschool enrollment to 12.3 percent in 16 weeks.

Gose has details for those interested in enrolling their kiddos in homeschooling.