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Caldwell man pursues GED at 90 years old

With the help of the Caldwell Public Library, Mr. Elbert Oberts is working on his dream of earning a diploma
Posted at 12:48 PM, Apr 27, 2023

CALDWELL, Texas — They say you’re never too old to get an education – and at least one Caldwell man is taking that to heart.

Approaching 90 years old, Mr. Elbert Oberts of Caldwell has done it all. He has a rich bucket list and has accomplished so much, but has one more thing he wants to check off is getting a high school diploma.

Oberts tells15 ABC he’s willing to give it another shot, saying “Well I’ve accomplished a lot, I’ve been so blessed, I’d be proud to do that and it would be a huge milestone in my life.”

For 40 years Oberts worked on aircraft, dedicating much of his life to being a flight and service mechanic then a flight inspector. But he could only advance so far without further education.

“I’ve always regretted not finishing high school, it’s had a lot of effect on my life, I couldn't be a supervisor because I didn’t have a high school diploma,” explained Oberts.

Oberts said he was a very intelligent person in high school says he hit a roadblock due to dyslexia.

“Reading has always been a problem [for me], I still don’t read for pleasure,” said Oberts.

Weeks from turning 90, Oberts is now getting his opportunity. Thanks to the Caldwell Public Library, along with Blinn Adult Education and Region 6, he's taking free classes to make getting his GED possible.

Heidi Frazier is the Library and Community Services Manager. She says those contractors provide the instruction while her team are the cheerleaders.

Frazier explained, “We provide the facility, we provide support in the library, we’ll make copies, we’ll help them find a mentor if they need help in their studies – we break down obstacles, we want them to get their GED, I tell them we’re here for you.”

Fraizer said people like Oberts have defied the stigma of the people who desire to get their GED.

He tells us, “My philosophy is: hope for the best, be ready for the worst, accept what comes, be thankful for your blessings and be forgiving.”

Oberts turns 90 years old on May 23.