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Bryan residents demand action from Brazos County commissioners to handle flooding, sinkhole

Posted at 7:02 PM, May 16, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-16 20:02:20-04

BRYAN, Texas — Amy Cahill’s children passed their time Tuesday evening by playing in the water after the rain.

Cahill and her neighbors were left to figure out what’s next — after the only road they used to get to their homes was left with a huge sinkhole.

Cahill says the flooding is an ongoing issue.

In fact, they say the past five years have been an uphill battle with Brazos County to fix the road.

“This is not the first time — we have been flooded out at least twice before and we couldn’t make it in. We have been flooded in numerous times,” Cahill said.

Joe Hamiter says while he and his family were able to cross the water, some residents can’t.

“There are a number of elderly people that live out there that are not just going to walk across — what sometimes — turns into knee deep water,” Hamiter said.

Kyle Ross lives near the entry way to Greenleaf Lane, and says this isn't even the worst these waters have been.

 "Sometimes where we are standing, you'd be under water, and quite often the folks down there have to fix their own road," Ross said.

Cahill says they do it because they have no other options.

“We have done it just because the [Brazos] county won’t. We have to get out. We have proof with surveyor stakes, county transportation codes, and laws that yes — this does belong to them," Cahill said.

Neighbors brought their concerns to the Brazos County Commissioners Court, showing up in numbers as they filled the room with those affected.

Amy’s husband Brian has lead the charge since 2018 for change in their community, and says he and his neighbors won’t stop until a resolution is made.

“Each time I have brought new information and they have had had question — I’ve researched those and came back to the next meetings with additional information. I’ve addressed their concerns. Their only remaining concern is that this [Greenleaf Lane] is a private road and they are not allowed to maintain it,” Cahill said.

According to the documents Cahill provided, Brazos County maintained the section of land for 30 years and stopped in 2018. He wants them to take care of what is still considered theirs.

“I would like to see the county take responsibility for the fact that in the 80’s they accepted this road — they maintained this road. What we are asking is for the county to do the right thing and maintain to the road — which the Texas Transportation Code requires they maintain,” Cahill said.

Brazos County Commissioner Chuck Konderla over the Rustic Oaks Subdivision says it’s off the county’s hands — for now.

 “Until the point that we can show that it’s county-maintained property, we’ll still have this terrible situation. As a father and a husband, I hate that there are families on the other side of that underwater crossing.”