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Bryan pig rescue gives abandoned animals a peaceful place to dwell

Posted at 9:54 AM, Jan 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-18 10:54:56-05

BRYAN, Texas — They’re mischievous, they’re portly and they’re full of spunk.

Each of the 15 pigs of Bryan-based rescue 'This Little Piggy Sanctuary' come from a unique situation, whether abandoned in the wild, originally intended for slaughter, or surrendered by an owner.

Some pigs are recovering from veterinary issues resulting from their former lives, such as obesity and skin conditions. But all of this ragtag herd exhibit curious minds and unique personalities.

"There’s just really become a need, with people being interested in adopting pigs as pets and then not knowing what they’re getting into," said Janice Morey, founder and director of the sanctuary. "And then [those people] want to find them new homes, and they realize that they can’t take care of [the pigs]. So there’s really a lot of mini pigs and pot bellied pigs who are in need of a rescue. “

Janice and her husband Les Morey, a Texas A&M professor, care for the animals on their rural property near Elmo Weedon Road, where the pigs and two rescue duck siblings have five acres of pasture and pond to roam and play.

The sanctuary provides for all the animals’ needs, and these pigs are set to live out the rest of their natural lives on the farm.

Janice says she hopes that more pet owners will educate themselves on the needs of a pig, so that fewer will require rescuing.

At the moment, This Little Piggy Sanctuary is full to capacity with 15 pigs, and the Moreys state that without more resources and members, they will not be able to expand for more pigs any time soon.

“People need to know what they’re getting into," Janice commented. "They need to understand that a 'mini pig' is anywhere under 250 pounds. They’re not going to stay, like, the size of a cocker spaniel. They’re probably going to get to be at least 100 pounds. There are some that don’t get that big, but most get well over that. You have to also understand that pigs have certain personalities and temperaments and tendencies. They really like to establish their dominance in a hierarchy. And if you’re in a family, then they want to be the top pig in the family. “

The rescue was started three years ago, and relies on volunteers and donations to function.

With the onset of the pandemic, Janice and Les have seen a stagnation in support, and they hope for more financial assistance in the future.

To make a contribution online or to learn more about the organization, visit the ‘This Little Piggy Sanctuary’ page on Facebook.