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Bryan natives provide remote one stop shop for mental health and wellness services

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Posted at 9:41 AM, Jan 13, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-19 13:15:36-05

BRYAN, TX — A pair of Bryan native sisters are bringing two different approaches to mental health into one world.

Their goal is to show clients the two work together to build a more well-rounded life.

Speaking words of affirmation to yourself while looking in a mirror, it's a simple exercise Nicole White, founder and co-owner of Center to Rise Wellness Spa Studio, uses to help her clients.

"You need to nurture your own mental health, so when you're sad what do you do?," White said.

The Bryan native co-owns Center to Rise. It's a wellness spa studio that provides Texans a remote one-stop-shop to answer that question.

"After you're done drying your tears, what do you do next? And if you can't do the next step, then you come and get help," White said.

Center to Rise introduces a combination of traditional therapy and a holistic wellness approach to help clients cope.

"Everybody is kind of working together but you might be getting a little bit of this over here, and you get a little bit of this over here, and it works your whole entirety," White said.

Virginia Redwine Johnson, a College Station resident, brought her daughter, Rian, to Center to Rise to get help after the 10-year-old was experiencing anxiety.

In a six-month time frame and sessions later, they got to the root of her daughter's anxiety and helped improve Virginia's co-parenting relationship.

"In this last month it's really transformed my way of thinking with my co-parent and with my daughter because if our goal is to make her better, we have to be whole and better for that," Redwine Johnson said.

Center to Rise is based in Dallas but the distance doesn't stop White from hosting group sessions and reaching her clients in her hometown.

"Nickee goes out and she advocates for all- I mean everyone. Nickee gives back to the community as well. What doesn't Nickee Do?," Bre Washington, a prevention intervention specialist said.

White's shares the business with her sister, who also reaches clients in Tennessee, where she lives. The sisters are determined to dismantle the stigma that surrounds mental health in the Black community.

"All we're doing is planting seeds so I want to do my part to plant seeds across state lines or within our community to break those barriers down and be able to meet people where they are," Christina Butler, Co-owner of Center to Rise Wellness Spa Studio said.

Sisters focused on all their mental health tools to get their clients where they want to be.

For more information on Center to Rise Wellness Spa, check out their website here.