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Bryan ISD, Habitat for Humanity announce family to receive habitat home

Posted at 9:31 PM, Dec 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-19 10:33:54-05

BRYAN, Texas — For the first time, Bryan ISD is partnering with habitat for humanity of Bryan College Station to build a home for a Bryan family in need.

At Thursday night's district meeting, the family receiving the home was introduced, the Quintero-Mendez family.

“We have raised money to build a house for a deserving family in Bryan, TX,” says Ginger Carrabine, Superintendent, Bryan ISD. “We actually surpassed our financial goal of $80,000 dollars so that was a big celebration, raising the money and meeting the family.”

The goal was to raise $80,000 to build the home, but with a matching donation from the Ruth Clearfield family, they not only met their funding goal -- but went above and beyond.

“For the Quintero-Mendez family, it’s going to be an incredible benefit for them because it is about the space for them,” says Carl Orozco, Director of Development, Habitat for Humanity. “It’s just an overcrowded situation type of thing. It’s going to be a five-bedroom two bath home here in Bryan.

Carl Orozco says Habitat for Humanity in Bryan College Station has built over 300 homes in the area, and the Quintero-Mendez family adds to that number.

“Habitat homes are not free,” says Orozco. “The Quintero-Mendez family will pay back a zero-interest loan. That’s what makes it affordable. They pay that loan back via a 30-year mortgage. Anything that you’ve ever worked for has a lot more intrinsic value than anything that’s given to you. That’s what our belief is.”

Orozco says safe and affordable housing is instrumental for generations to move up and forward, leading to overall success in life.

“It’s a hand up,” says Orozco. “We’re giving them the opportunity to have home ownership.

Typically, most of the time, you’re having people who have never owned a home in their life and are actually the first people in their families, generational, have never owned a home and they are the first ones. It’s giving them a hand up. It’s not a handout. We’re not giving them something. They’re earning it.”

Bryan ISD superintendent Ginger Carrabine says it was a team effort amongst all the schools in the district.

“I feel proud, honestly, I feel proud,” says Carrabine. “We did this for our students. We wanted them to know what it means to serve their community, so empowering our students and just getting out of their way and letting them think of ways to raise the money was honestly magical for us.”

Carrabine and Orozco say the goal is to lay the foundation of the home in late January to early February of 2023 and complete the home by May.

“Having all of her principals, her teachers and her students, that was really an interesting story having all the students come in giving their piggy banks, giving their savings, their allowances, having that kind of commitment really committing to the essential eight and living those things. That was a very pleasant surprise to see that,” says Orozco.