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Bryan ISD asking for parent feedback on possible virtual academy

Families have through Thursday night to complete
Posted at 6:20 PM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-28 19:34:00-04

BRYAN, Texas — Parents and caregivers of students in grades kindergarten through sixth have until midnight Friday morning to fill out an online survey regarding Bryan ISD's implementation of a virtual academy.

A recent change to Texas legislation has now allowed for school districts to re-instate virtual learning for the next two years.

Bryan ISD is trying to determine whether there exists enough interest in such a program, that it would be worth hiring more teachers to facilitate these classes.

“With an immuno-compromised person in our family, it’s important for us to make sure we can be safe with our family, but also have the same quality of education," said April Plemons, a Bryan ISD parent.

Plemons is the mother of a Sul Ross Elementary School student, and elected to keep her children home for virtual learning as much as possible this past year.

Plemons emphasized that she would love another virtual learning opportunity for her daughter, but would like it to involve more direct learning and daily teacher interactions.

“Instead of having an asynchronous setup, where it just says ‘okay, these are your math assignments and they’re due a week from now," she explained. "...that’s not the same as saying ‘from 1:00 to 2:00, here’s math,’ and having a teacher online giving you instruction.”

Bryan ISD spokesperson Matt LeBlanc assured that this academy would only employ certified teachers who are full-time dedicated just to the virtual learning curriculum.

“In Bryan ISD, it would be quality education," he stated. "Students would be required to follow a set schedule every day, they would be required to be logged on for their classes. That even includes virtual P.E., where teachers would have students up moving around and doing activities; and virtual art, virtual music.”

So far, approximately 200 people have filled out the survey, and LeBlanc commented that the district would like to see more interest.

Once all surveys are completed, Bryan's Board of Trustees will meet to determine whether the academy will have enough participants.

“The Board of Trustees will make a decision on whether or not it looks like this is the best option for Bryan ISD; whether it’s opening up one class, one grade level, or whether it’s opening up the entire Kindergarten through 6th grade," he said.

Any Bryan ISD parent interested in still completing the survey may do so by clicking here.

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