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Bryan high school cosmetology program helps students chase their passions

Posted at 9:42 PM, Apr 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-21 21:58:50-04

BRYAN, Texas — We’ve all heard about the great resignation by now some even calling it the great reassessment. While many are now leaving their longtime jobs, Bryan ISD is providing students with the chance to ensure they’re chasing their passions.

According to PEW research, 60 percent of those who left their jobs were due to low pay, lack of advancement, and disrespect. Now many of those who left their employers are looking for a position that's less stressful.

For some answering the question “what would you like to be when you grow up” is simple.

"I’ve always had a huge passion for hair and makeup since I was a little girl,” said Brianna Parnell

Sharonda Williams a Bryan High Graduate and one of the first students of the cosmetology program enjoys educating the next generation of stylists.

”That part of it is huge because then I got to come back to my Alma mater and be a part to help enhance the program in a whole other aspect,” shared Sharonda Williams, a cosmetology teacher at Bryan high

Prepping students for their state licensing exams.

In order to earn their license, these students must complete one thousand hours as well as some additional courses.

”You have to take an extra class for it like a business management class but it’s so worth it because it taught me about customer service and then also doing it in my first year, our intro year is what we call it was really enlightening,” added Parnell.

Although during the pandemic the cosmetology industry experienced a huge hit. These students are ready to welcome clients back in the classroom.

”We are definitely welcoming people back in and we have had a success of that, not as many as we were so hopefully next year will be even better,” shared Williams.

Students like Brianna Parnell even say the program is preparing her for life as she moves to college.

“I definitely see me being more of an adult and cosmetology is has helped me get there. It’s definitely helped me learn problem and solution, and learn how to just become my own person without the influence of others,” said Parnell.