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Bryan family, Crime Stoppers plead for answers to elderly woman's unsolved homicide

It's been months since Brenda Nixon was killed while on a morning stroll
Posted at 9:14 PM, Nov 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-05 12:50:59-04

BRYAN, Texas — Local law enforcement needs the public's help in solving a vehicular homicide from the morning of Monday, July 26. Bryan police reported that they have exhausted most of their leads in this mystery, and are hoping for answers from the community.

Near the intersection of William Joel Bryan Parkway and Freeman Avenue in Bryan, Brenda Nixon was hit by a car while on her morning walk, abandoned by the driver to die. To this day, there are no answers as to why.

For Nixon's sister-in-law Nancy Satterfield, the horror is compounded by the fact that her family couldn’t afford a funeral. They were only just able to say goodbye last month when the county paid for a small service.

“Everyone knew [Nixon] as the little lady that walked because she was very small," Satterfield recalled. "... She would just get out and walk. I guess she would get, you know, bored at home. So she would just get out and walk the neighborhood, and everybody knew her.”

Nixon was a quiet person. A lifelong Bryan native, she was 67 years old and lived with a disability. Satterfield said Nixon's heart was big, full of love for her family and for the animals she took care of. Life without Nixon has hurt her family deeply.

“She was involved with everything, you know," said Satterfield. " - even with my grandkids. You know, when we would do Thanksgiving... this is our first Christmas and Thanksgiving without her. She was very family-oriented.”

The family and police want to know: what driver could have just left Nixon lying in the road without stopping to help?

Brazos County Crime Stoppers is highlighting this homicide this week as part of the organization's 40th-anniversary campaign to resolve cases.

“Somebody somewhere, whether it be a body shop or the place [the suspect] works - somebody has seen a white vehicle with some front end damage," said Rob Santarsiero, a coordinator with Brazos County Crime Stoppers.

The suspect vehicle is believed to be a white two-door sports car. According to Bryan PD, it was traveling west on WJB Parkway and struck Nixon at approximately 6:30 a.m. Nixon was hit near the intersection of WJB Parkway and Freeman Avenue, just a few blocks from Sue Haswell Park.

“All I want is for them to be caught and to ask them – why? Why didn’t you stop?” said Satterfield.

According to Brazos County Crime Stoppers, a tipster's identity is protected by law. A tipster can’t even be subpoenaed to court, Santarsiero said. Additionally, Crime Stoppers will offer a cash reward for anyone providing information leading to an arrest. If you have any information on what happened to Nixon, tips can be submitted by calling 979-775-TIPS, or by visiting brazoscountycrimestoppers.org