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Bryan Collegiate recognized as one of 2022 'Best High Schools'

Posted at 10:25 PM, May 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-06 10:30:15-04

BRYAN, Texas — Bryan Collegiate has officially been recognized as one of the 2022 "Best High Schools" by U.S. News & World Report.

Estefany Fuentes is an English Pre-AP teacher at Bryan Collegiate and says it’s a team effort to receive this nomination.

“It just reflects all of the hard work that all of the teachers here and students put in the classroom and it also reflects the support that we get from our principals and everyone here,” said Estefany Fuentes, English I Pre-AP, Bryan Collegiate. “We’re a family. It brings a lot of pride to us.”

Students are also able to graduate with two years of college credit along with their high school diploma.

“Students are able to obtain two years of free college once they graduate high school,” said Fuentes. “We definitely try to promote that to help our community and I want them to be here because they want to succeed despite the recognition. The recognition is cherry on top.”

Avigail Sanchez says she is glad to be at Bryan Collegiate.

“That’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to come here in the first place,” said Avigail Sanchez, Senior at Bryan Collegiate. “You got the opportunity for two years of free college, not anywhere just offers that and I’m so glad that I had the opportunity and did fulfill this.”

After Avigail graduates this month, she’s headed off to Austin Community College to study Ultrasound.

She’s expected to finish in a year thanks to an advanced high school career.

“It just makes me so happy like I got to spend my four years here,” said Sanchez. I’m so sad about leaving but I’m so glad about having this opportunity and I feel so ready and prepared for what’s coming ahead, for college and for life. They taught me so much.”

And that preparation comes from teachers who truly care about their students.

“All of the teachers here, we love what we do and I think you really have to love what you do in order to be here as a teacher as well and that’s just something that gets passed to the kids,” said Fuentes. “They feel like you’re genuine and you really care for them and so that motivates them to do their best. I think that’s part of the recipe for this nomination.”

Avigail shared how now not only is she proud of herself, but her parents are proud too.

“I remember little ole freshman me like I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to do this,” said Sanchez. “It’s a lot of work. But I did it and I’m so proud of myself. I have no words for it like I can’t believe I did it. Like I’m a first-generation so that’s like a really big deal. My parents are so proud of me too.

Faculty, staff, and students are honored to have received this recognition for 10 straight years.