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Brazos Valley snowfall leads to widespread power outages

Posted at 8:18 PM, Jan 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-11 21:18:51-05

ROBERTSON COUNTY, TX — The large amount of snowfall in eastern area of Robertson County came as a shock to many and became too much to handle for many power lines, leading to widespread outages.

”The power outages widespread... it hit us really hard. I think our number are near 6,000 consumers out,” said Steve Jones, the general manager for Navasota Valley Electric.

Navasota Valley Electric workers have been working tirelessly to reconnect their customers with power, developing a rotation of crew

”We had a crew that worked all night , then they went home to rest and we brought the other half of our crew, and they’ve been working all day today, and we're expecting the ones that went home for rest to come back in and hopefully we can make some headway in the daylight,” Jones added.

They hope to have all power restored by no later than Tuesday morning.

The outage has really affected many, with one resident saying they have not seen anything like it for many years now.

”Well we lost our power last night about 11:30, and before that it was snowing pretty hard. In fact, I've been out here since the year 2000. I've never seen this much snow,” said Sylverster Jaramillo, a resident left without power in Robertson County.

Those with illnesses are struggling with the cold weather and lack of heaters, like Sylvester's wife. The family is now contemplating buying a hotel for the night.

”She has a doctors appointment tomorrow, so I thought I would try to make it convenient and maybe take her to a hotel until we get our power turned on,” the husband shared.

Navasota Valley Electric has a total of 23 phone lines, and shared they have received over seven thousand calls as of Sunday.

As the roads clear up, they can bring in more workers to assist. But as of right now, any updates will be provided on their Facebook and Outages Viewer page found on their website.