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Brazos Valley Family Rekindles Family Tradition For Easter Sunday

Posted at 11:12 PM, Apr 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-18 00:12:24-04

BRYAN, Texas — Holidays like Easter mean everything to The Suarez family as, they have celebrated Easter at Tanglewood Park in Bryan for the last 12 years. The family said each year is even more special than the last.

“We have a lot of family! We have a big, big family.” Arturo Luna-Suarez explained. “It means the world for [my mother] to see all of us here – it is a blessing, without God, without my mother this wouldn’t [mean anything].”

Luna-Suarez said his family is bigger than you think. The family consists of 68 grandchildren from 3 generations, and hope that number keeps growing.

Suarez family matriarch Gloria Suarez says to have all 3 generations in one place means the world.

“I’m 82 years old… I’m so happy to get all together every year you know Mother’s Day, Easter Sunday.” Said the Suarez family matriarch.

For the past 2 years, The Suarez family hasn’t held their annual Easter gathering because of COVID and said Gloria’s health was their top priority.

“Since the pandemic hit – she got a little sick on us.” Recalled Luna-Suarez. “Now that the pandemic is almost out of the way…look at this woman…she’s making everybody proud that she is still here.”

The family enjoyed their annual Easter egg hunt with children of all ages as well as some good barbecue. Joe Garcia gets to enjoy his son Mike’s barbecue from one holiday to another.

“We make sure that we make this a priority.” Explained Garcia. “For all of us there are some of us here that we may not have seen all year long, we talk to them through FaceTime, but to actually be together -we know it makes my mother-in-law happy – so what makes her happy makes us happy.”

Garcia said the secret to his family tradition is simple – “spend time with your loved ones.”

“I encourage everyone, if you have the chance to – get your family together – those are memories that your kids and your grandkids and even us older ones will keep forever.”

The Suarez family said Tanglewood Park will always be a part of their family’s Easter tradition and plan to pass it on to the next generation of family.