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Brazos Valley Community Connection to create non-profits, various programs

Posted at 5:31 PM, Feb 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-11 18:28:00-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — BRYAN, Texas — There are plenty of resources in the Brazos Valley community that many don’t know about, but coming up later this month is a one-time event where the Brazos Valley and beyond can learn about them.

Brazos Valley Community Connection is the first of its kind for our area.

Kayla Duncan is the director of communications and outreach with SARC and serves as the chair of the community connection committee.

“We’re so excited that we’re able to do that in the Brazos Valley and to help spread awareness of the services that we have because there’s a lot of things that I think are hidden gems here that people don’t even know exist, that could really be giving them assistance or help,” said Kayla Duncan, Director of Communications & Outreach, SARC.

Duncan says multiple nonprofits and agencies saw a gap in case management needs and wanted to find a way to address them.

“Where you bring resources together for people in the community to come in a one stop shop and have an initiation of services so it’s not like a regular health fair, it’s a way for people to actually connect with those resources and start them,” Duncan said.

Organizations like Amber Alert Brazos Valley, Hippy, and Catholic Charities will be at the event later this month.

“There will also be people signing people up for Medicaid, Medicare, and there will someone who’s there having phones for folks who are hard of hearing or deaf for free,” Duncan said.

“A lot of different organizations — over 31 — will be there to provide care and if you don’t find your answer there, we’ll help you connect you to it,” Duncan said.

Britney Marburger works with youth and family services at Twin City Mission, and she is also the vice chair of the community connection committee.

She says we could all use a little help and there is no shame in needing it.

“So many people don’t get how much help is out there and that you don’t have to be in trouble or in crisis or down in luck,” said Britney Marburger, program support specialist of Twin City Youth and Family Services.

“It can be simple stuff and it will just take a little bit of the weight of the world off because so many find shame in it,” Marburger said.

Duncan says with many organizations present, the Texas A&M School of Public Health students will be volunteering to help people find their way around.

“They are being patient navigators, helping people navigate through all the resources because it can feel like a lot, see what they need so they can hit everything they want and also following up to see the impact of the event on the community as well to see if this is something we can recreate again,” Duncan said.

“We want you to come and feel welcomed and very safe and comfortable and enjoy the moment and realize that you walk out feeling better. That’s my wish and goal for everyone," Marburger said.

Brazos Valley Community Connection will take place Friday, Feb. 24 at Matt’s House at First Baptist Bryan from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.