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Brazos entrepreneur 'brewing up' new coffee brand, proceeds to benefit farmers

Posted at 2:23 PM, May 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-10 15:23:46-04

COLLEGE STATION, TX — Something special is brewing in College Station.

The 12th Man Coffee will soon come to a retailer near you, but this isn’t just any ordinary coffee.

Rodrigo Chavez is the main pioneer in handcrafting the 12th Man Coffee, which not only tastes delicious... but has a bigger purpose behind it!

Chavez partnered with Borlaug Institute and the Center for Coffee Research and Education to coordinate people from all over the globe to roast the perfect coffee that represents the 12th man.

“I think coffee it’s a product that has been under-served for many many years, “ shared Chavez with KRHD 25 News.

This A&M-based organization is on a mission to increase the quality of knowledge for coffee farmers around the world. The industry of specialty coffee is on the rise and soon Texas A&M will be along for the ride.

“We want to put Texas A&M on the map as it comes to coffee but also because those funding's are helping fund the research we do for small farmers, are helping with funding's so we can teach people about coffee,” said Eric Brenner, a program coordinator for the Borlaug Institute and Center for Coffee Research and Education.

The money earned from this product will benefit the research and education centers efforts to help coffee farmers expand their way of farming to earn a more sustainable income.

“For coffee farmers, one of the biggest struggles is going to be low prices," added Brenner. "Obviously we’re trying to find different ways for them to diversify their income, so one of the things we can help them diversify income number one is through specialty coffee,”

”Being able to work and support from the economic perspective coffee growers it’s kind of a win-win on all sides,” Chavez added.

Farmers from all over the world have contributed to the blend of this bag from places such as Africa & Central America, but also a portion of the bags will represent Aggie farmers as well.

“It will represent in a sense what the 12th man means," Chavez shared. "We want to bring coffees from different countries to represent that 12th man spirit,”

The 12th man coffee will go on sale in about a month and will represent 12 different origins of coffee farmers.

The Borlaug Institute Research Center as well as What's the Buzz Coffee Co. offers a coffee experience like no other. Taking those interested on the coffee journey from bean to cup. Teaching you how to make the perfect cup.