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Brazos County Crime Stoppers celebrate unsolved case updates for 40th anniversary

Posted at 6:51 PM, Dec 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-10 19:51:28-05

BRAZOS COUNTY, TEXAS — Forty cases in forty days.

When Brazos County Crime Stoppers began this anniversary campaign, they never could have imagined the results it would bring. At a press conference held Friday morning, law enforcement leadership celebrated the progress seen so far.

“In highlighting these cases, it’s reignited the community’s passion and dedication to public safety,” said Rob Santarsiero, Crime Stoppers coordinator and originator of the anniversary campaign.

Santarsiero explained that through citizens’ and media outlets' cooperation, dozens of unsolved cases have either reached a conclusion or otherwise progressed in their investigations.

“What we did get was a little bit of quantity increase in tips that we get, but also a vast increase in the quality of the tips," Santarsiero said.

This campaign celebrated the county Crime Stopper's 40th anniversary, with one of 40 unsolved cases highlighted across the internet and media outlets every day, for the past forty days.

Santarsiero said a total of 25 cases have been closed in this time period.

Reflecting back over this venture, law enforcement concurred that the participation from the community through anonymous tips is a vital resource in bringing justice to victims and their families.

“I believe that the partnership between Crime Stoppers and our law enforcement community makes our community safer, and a better place to live when we all work together," said Brazos County Sheriff Wayne Dicky.