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Booster shots now available in Brazos County

booster shots
Posted at 8:12 PM, Sep 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-30 22:32:42-04

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — The Delta Variant has caused breakthrough cases but now the health district is putting the communities mind at ease.

The Brazos County Health District will be offering booster shots to those eligible, helping the community feel a little safer.

This week's numbers show the grim reality of how COVID and the Delta Variant are impacting the community with the highest one-day total of new cases and now six deaths.

“An increase in the risk and rate of individuals who are fully vaccinated having what are deemed breakthrough cases,” said Dr. Rob Carpenter, leader of COVID-19 response for Texas A&M College of Medicine.

Many breakthrough cases create skepticism, but Dr. Carpenter said, “no vaccine is 100 percent effective that’s the reality of medicine."

Dr. Carpenter also said booster shots can make a substantial difference. While Pfizer is the only vaccine that is FDA, and CDC, approved Moderna and J&J are working towards this goal as well.

“What the FDA and CDC are doing is very carefully analyzing this data to look at the risks to benefit ratio,” said Dr. Carpenter.

These allocated booster shots are available for those in long-term care facilities, individuals ages 65 and ages 18 to 64 with underlying health conditions or occupations that increase their exposure.

“[This includes] our front line workers, not just health care workers, but also individuals who work in grocery stores packing and transportation and alike that are essential not just for the economy but for the health and maintenance of our society,” said Dr. Carpenter.

Residents are happy to see the option available to help make their community feel safer.

”Locally I think that would be good for the people who want that like I think my boyfriend's grandfather will probably go get it because he is really cautious about COVID and with that being available to him, at least for him, would make him feel a lot safer,” said Elise Patel, a Bryan-College Station resident.

Those who fall in the groups eligible must have also received both Pfizer doses six months prior to seeking a booster shot.

The health district is offering on-site booster shots Monday through Friday but their mobile action team is also available wherever you need them.