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Blood donations remain safe and needed as COVID-19 cases continue to rise

Posted at 5:19 PM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 19:36:11-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — The need for blood donations continues to grow and as Coronavirus cases rise. Baylor Scott and White Medical Center wants the community to know that donating blood is safe, even during the global pandemic.

“There are a lot of practices we put into place during the donation process to make sure it is sterile that the team is trained,” said Ashley Kopech, Trauma Program Manager, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center-College Station.

Nationally, we have been in a blood shortage going on three years. Kopech says she hears a lot of misconceptions about donating blood but wants the community to know it is a safe and easy process.

“From start to finish it takes about 35 minutes and the actual donation, getting the blood, is about 10 minutes, so it can be done during your lunch break or directly after work," said Kopech.

Another misconception heard often, is who receives the blood. Kopech says when you do donate blood, your donation goes directly towards helping members in your community.

"Rest assured that the blood does stay local, and you are helping your community," said Kopech. "Within the hospital, if we do have a trauma that came in and maybe it was a gunshot wound or car accident, we may give blood to those patients. During surgeries, maybe someone is having elective surgery, like a hip fracture because they fell and they may need blood post-op. But also think about your chemo patients, so they may need blood. There's a lot of different circumstances here locally that we do use that blood.”

All reasons why blood donations are critical. Kopech also noting that you are still eligible to donate even if you’ve received the COVID vaccine.

“The recommendation is to wait about two weeks after your second full vaccine,” said Kopech.

The next BSW blood drive is Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. at Baylor Scott and White Clinic - College Station University Drive and again Friday, Aug 13, 2021, at Baylor Scott and White hospital in College Station. For more information and to schedule your appointment to donate, visit here.