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Blood Donations: How you can make a difference and save a life today

Posted at 11:45 AM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 17:31:36-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Rebecca Greene has been a blood donor for a number of years.

“I have given blood probably over 20 times and I have never had any problems,” said Rebecca Greene, the Regional Magnet Coordinator for BSW College Station.

At a time where blood donations have been scarce mainly due to the global pandemic, Greene thinks back to the first time she witnessed the power blood donations play in saving patients' lives.

“We had a patient one night that was losing blood quicker than we could give it to him and that blood was going to save his life," said Greene. "And I remember that walk back between the lab and my department and seeing that family in the waiting room and realizing, it doesn’t matter that we have great nurses here, it doesn’t matter that we have great doctors, the fact is we may run out of blood and he could of pass without it.”

Baylor, Scott, and White hold Blood Drives every two months in the Brazos Valley. And while donating blood can be intimidating to some, Greene says the reward is priceless.

“I feel like a little bit of my time I can use to give back to my community in that way and you can save multiple lives from one donation and that can very well be you or someone that you really care about," said Greene. "You could be that person in the waiting room and they may not have the blood they need to treat your family member and I don’t ever want to be in that situation, so I’m going to try my best so that doesn’t happen.”

Greene also noting, that no matter your blood type, you will make a difference with your donation.

“Even though I am ‘O Negative’ and that means I am a universal donor there are so many other blood types that are needed. There are a couple of people that have weird things on the surfaces of their red blood cells and they respond better to blood from other people so really a variety of people are needed to donate and to make sure people get what they need from blood donations.”

The next blood drives are from 10 am to 3 pm Thursday, Aug 12, 2021, at Baylor Scott and White Clinic - College Station University Drive and Friday, Aug 13, 2021, at Baylor Scott and White hospital in College Station. For more information and to schedule your appointment to donate, visit here.