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Best practices for residents during summer heat to keep utility costs down

Posted at 10:06 PM, May 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-23 23:06:28-04

BRYAN-COLLEGE STATION, Texas — The summer heat feels like it’s here, but the summer season is just around the corner. Here are a few things your local utilities are suggesting and residents are doing to keep those costs down.

According to the Census, Texas is growing which brings on many new challenges.

”Well Texas is growing right now, I mean a lot of people are moving into the state there is a lot of industries, so yes the use of electricity is going up,” said Timothy Crabb, director of electric utility for College Station.

The use may be going up but college station utilities confirm the cost for residents has not risen.

Yet, that hasn’t stopped residents like Kevin Marek to prepare for the unexpected in the city of Bryan.

”Good upfront investments that would pay back within years to come even as energy costs would go up that’s kind of something we expected and anticipated,” shared Kevin Marek, City of Bryan resident.

Whether it's Bryan or college station as we head into those high temperatures during the summer months, many people will want to do anything they can to stay cool. But Timothy Crabb with college station utilities says here are some things you can try to keep your utility costs down.

“If you’re not in a room turn the lights off, turn the fan off, fans do not do any good, they circulate air so you feel cool, but they’re not actually making any it cooler,” added Crabb.

Marek also recommends checking in with BTU for ways to conserve energy and an extra buck.

”Like spray foaming your attic which we did on our house here in the downtown area,” explained Marek.

Marek’s best practices are in place to conserve energy, but he’s also looking at moisture levels and how that can impact a home.

“Running a de-humidifier is going to help with that, just recently purchased one to not only hand the humidity level but mitigate any mold growth,” said Marek.