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Benefits of Parks and Recreation Athletics

Athletics Supervisor shares some life lessons he and others have learned
Posted at 9:42 PM, Aug 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-08 22:42:51-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — It’s August, which means school is back in session and so are sports.

Supervisor of athletics at the College Station Parks and Recreation Center, Casey Prescott, explains why being involved in sports teaches life lessons.

“Youth sports have referees and umpires, so there’s a set of rules and guidelines for them to follow," said Prescott. "There’s ways for them to learn the game if they haven’t played before."

Prescott said even the coaches are learning valuable lessons, like communication and organization, when helping lead their team.

“Also encouraging coaches to have teamwork and unity and cohesiveness on their teams through the drills they’re running in practices and the way they’re putting out their roster when they’re playing games and who are playing when and stuff like that," Prescott said.

Some of the best life lessons that Prescott himself learned came from him listening to the suggestions of the parents of athletes. He explains how a series of conversations led to a new sport being played during this past spring season.

“That’s how some of our new programs have come into play," Prescott said. "We had a youth rugby program this past spring, it all started because a dad reached out and said hey do y’all have anything to deal with rugby."

According to Prescott, no matter an athlete’s skill set level or if they are on a youth league or an adult league, there are some mental benefits to participating on a team as well.

“Most of the time you’re playing with new people and I think engaging with different people who maybe you don’t know is a mental benefit for all of us," said Prescott.

We’re learning about each other, about life, different walks of life, and different ways of life; and helping each other understand and coming into reason of who we are and being able to express ourselves through athletics and sports."

The input and involvement of community members are what make these leagues successful.

For those interested in registering for a fall sports league or for further information, you can visit the College Station Parks and Recreation website.