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BCS Salvation Army looking for volunteers to assist community

Posted at 2:43 PM, Oct 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-09 20:25:52-04

Many people are still facing hardships during this time, and the Salvation Army wants you to know they are still here 'Doing the Most Good'.

The Bryan College Station Salvation Army assisted 60 families with rent and/or utility assistance in 2019 alone and now during the pandemic, those numbers are multiplying as they serve nearly 20 families each month.

"It's brought me closer to God... it's a blessing," Pamela Moorehead, resident of Brazos County said.

Pamela Moorehead of Brazos County says the Salvation Army changes lives.

The Salvation Army has been a solid foundation in her and her family's life for nearly a decade.

"I just love coming...I love the atmosphere...I love the people that are here and everything," Moorehead added.

A constant reoccurring and smiling face at the Bryan College Station Salvation Army, Moorehead hopes others can experience the joy from the non-profit too.

"The Salvation Army means a lot to me. I have been coming here since 2009, me and my kids and I would encourage others by saying to come out and try us and see what its like and what you can get out the program," Moorehead added.

The Salvation Army offers a variety of assistance for those in need.

"They have the food pantry program, help with utilities and you can get to go to camp during the summer time. There's just a lot of different things you can do if you just get involved," Moorehead added.

Timothy Israel with the Salvation Army says the community's generosity during this time has helped many, but the need for donations is at an all time high.

"Because of the generosity of the community, we have been able to increase our services during this COVID time. Just in April and May, each month we were doing about what we were doing in a whole year worth of services. Right now, we are still doing twice as much as what we would normally do in a month in rent and utility assistance," Isreal added.

Israel says if you would like to give, you can. You can donate online or give to their pantry or clothing closet. Israel also says they need extra hands assisting families with meals.

"With our food pantry to be COVID sensitive, we deliver all the items to the cars and that takes a lot more physical resources to make that happen. We do need more volunteers on Wednesday Food Distribution days from 830am-1130am. We deliver to about 60-80 families each week," Israel added.

Dwayne Walters spends time volunteering with the Bryan College Station Salvation Army and says now more than ever, help from the community seems crucial.

"People have lost their homes and lost their jobs. We have these resources available in our community and I believe the hardest way to do anything is to do it alone," Walker, a Salvation Army volunteer said.

Outside of monetary and pantry assistance, the Salvation Army also offers emotional and spiritual support.