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Baylor Scott & White gives safety tips for busy holiday weekend

Posted at 10:51 PM, Jul 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-01 23:51:38-04

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — The Fourth of July weekend has begun in The Brazos Valley, a weekend for celebration, fireworks, and cookouts, but it is also a time to be extra vigilant about health and safety.

In a press conference Friday afternoon, Baylor Scott & White Regional Emergency Room Director Debby York spoke about the types of injuries that come in on busy weekends.

“A lot of heat-related injuries are probably the biggest thing we will see just because of the time of the year," said York. “Second to that would be the fireworks [injuries], burns on the hands [and] burns on the face from them popping in people’s faces.” Said York.

York also stressed the importance of knowing your body’s limits by taking breaks from the sun and knowing when it’s time to rest.

“Y’all know it has been really hot lately, so we are cautious about people for being outside too long [and] getting dehydrated,” said York. “It’s most important to [pay] attention to your body and let it tell you it’s time to go in, it’s time to cool off and get some [air conditioning].”

York said if you’re feeling the effects of the sun and heat, or sustain a firework-related injury, don’t hesitate to get to an emergency room.