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At home care visits are showcasing the flexibility of the healthcare system

The pandemic has made it quite difficult for some to continue regular visits with their physicians.
Posted at 10:36 AM, Sep 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-11 11:36:32-04

BRYAN, TX — The coronavirus pandemic has made doctor visits more challenging for both frontline workers and patients. But a new program now allows some people to get the help they need right at their front door.

Laundry, groceries, and a clean home.

Simple tasks that have become a lot harder to do for some.

Those challenges encouraged a group of caretakers to get creative in ways to help their patients with daily tasks.

” It gives them a little bit of comfort in knowing there is someone else there to help them out and be able to do things that they can’t do,” said Hillary Yeomens Field Training Officer and Caregiver.

Hillary says surprisingly the biggest priority for her patients is to provide independence and safety.

”The in-home care is more beneficial than anything else because we get to go in where they feel safe,” said Hillary Yeomens.

Especially as family visits decreased drastically due to coronavirus concerns.

”If they're not able to help their family members I can, I can step in and be a family member and they become families,” said Hillary Yeomens.

Across the way at chi st. Joseph, home visits for them are looking a little different. Primary care visits are done in person. Taking the stress off patients with limited mobility.

” So, whether it’s a wellness exam, managing sick visits if a patient comes down with a cold or they need a prescription, anything you can go to your primary doctor for,” said Mackensie Fentress Manager and Social Worker.

The program has become so popular they have seen a 15 percent increase in service demand.

” Now is just an amazing time that we’re able to kind of show the importance and how flexible healthcare can be,” said Mackensie Fentress.

The st. Joseph hospital is only offering this program to the elderly but for the visiting angels, there are no age restrictions.

According to the visiting angels conducting at-home visits or care promote improvement in mood and well-being.